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Cellulite. It’s common, it’s harmless—and most people wish those lumps and dimples on their thighs, hips, belly, and/or buttocks were gone!

That’s where Emtone works its magic.

The dual-mode treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite while increasing the healthy tone and texture of your skin—without injections or surgery! People of all sizes and ages can have cellulite. Emtone at SculptU helps fight cellulite for skin U love to be in.

What Emtone Treats

Appearance of cellulite

Loss of collagen/elastin

Reduced blood circulation

Toxin retention

Stimulates lymphatic drainage

Treatment Areas:

Stomach, Flanks, Arms, Buttocks, Legs



Sessions Needed:

4 to 6, depending on severity and number of areas

Results Duration:

The duration of your treatment will vary on a case-by-case basis

How Emtone Works

Emtone by BTL delivers thermal and mechanical energy in your treatment area.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy heats your skin to a therapeutic temperature, which promotes your body’s natural production of new collagen while tightening existing collagen fibers.

Emtone also emits acoustic waves to stimulate skin cell regeneration, create new capillaries, and reduce fluid accumulation.

The results: smooth, tightened skin with less cellulite dimpling!

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Benefits of Emtone


Emtone is completely nonsurgical and noninvasive, ideal for addressing cellulite for both women and men.

Reduces Fat

Emtone disrupts fat cells as it tightens skin, reducing unwanted fat in the treatment area.

Skin Rejuvenation

You’ll see smoother, more supple skin with improved blood flow and better health.

Results of Emtone in Louisville

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What to Expect:
The Emtone Process

1. Consultation

Every SculptU treatment starts with a personal consultation. We’ll discuss all of your aesthetic concerns, your goals for treatment, and your medical history. Your provider will also examine the treatment area. If together we determine that Emtone will deliver the best results for your cellulite, we’ll create a treatment plan and schedule your sessions.

What to Expect:
The Emtone Process

2. Treatment

During your session, you’ll be able to recline and relax as your SculptU provider applies a lubricant cream to your treatment area. Next, they’ll glide the Emtone device over the targeted cellulite. You’ll feel a warm sensation—like a hot stone massage—from the RF thermal heating, along with vibrations from the acoustic therapy.

What to Expect:
The Emtone Process

3. Recovery

Emtone usually takes about 20 minutes, and there’s zero downtime. You can return to your regular daily routine immediately after your session. Most clients require at least 4 Emtone sessions, done once per week, to achieve the best results. Improvement continues after the last session, with final results showing after about 12 weeks.

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